A Dubious Distinction for Florida

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 4,743 pedestrians were killed in auto crashes in 2012. That equated to one pedestrian killed every two hours. There were also 76,000 injuries. In a recently released report by Obrella identifying the states with the highest pedestrian fatality rates, Florida earned a dubious distinction.

#5. New Mexico – 10.12 per 100,000 of population
#4 Louisiana – 10.87
#3 South Carolina – 10.92
#2 Delaware – 11.23

And number 1 in case you haven’t already surmised was Florida with 12.47 per 100,000. And not surprisingly considering Florida’s ranking, the age group with the highest incidence of pedestrian fatality was 65 and older. So let us keep that in mind when driving in areas likely to encounter pedestrians. Let’s try to improve on this very negative statistic.