Drive it Forward to Reduce Road Rage

Many will likely remember the movie “Pay it Forward”. The theme being do something nice for someone, and they in turn do something nice for someone else, and it pays niceness forward. So how about we all “Drive it Forward” when behind the wheel of our cars. Let us all consider these ideas:

* Recognize the characteriscs of an aggressive driver: Cutting off drivers, tailgating, unnecessary and excessive use of the horn, or rapid lane changes with erractic speed. Do you recognize yourself with any of these behaivors? If so, then STOP IT!

* Encourage good behavior by being friendly and courteous on the road. Give up a parking spot. Or when it is safe to do so, allow other drivers to move into your lane. Being nice, but safe, reinforces similar behavior in others.

* Normalize the undesirable. Traffic will include both slow and fast drivers. This is to be expected and is a normal part of being on the road in the driving community. Accept it. Consider leaving five minutes early to get to your destination as you’ll be more tolerant when you’re not running late.

* Don’t personalize other peoples’ behavior. Just because a driver cuts you off doesn’t mean they meant to or did it to enrage you. Consider other explanations such as the driver is enroute to an emergency; there’s a crisis a parent is hurrying to get to at home; or simply, the driver just didn’t see you. Don’t over react.

Let us all do our part to make our roadways safer and more enjoyable to experience. Let us all “Drive it Forward”.