Texting And Driving

An AT&T sponsored survey of frequent drivers who text daily – regardless of where they are – 98% said they were aware of the dangers of texting behine the wheel. Nonetheless three-quarters of them admitted to texting while driving, despite broad public-service campaigns and laws against it in some states.

Two-thirds said they have read text messages while stopped at a red light or stop sign, while more than a quarter said they have sent texts while driving. More than a quarter of those who texted while driving believed they “can easily do several things at once, even while driving.”

The study in May was of cellphone owners ages 16 to 65 who drive almost every day and text at least once a day. The survey is the latest to show a discrepancy between people’s attitudes and behaviors. Forty-three percent of the texting drivers said they want to “stay connected” to friends, family and work. Nearly a third did it out of habit. Twenty-eight percent said they were just worried about missing out on something important. Just six percent answered that they are “addicted to texting,” although 14 percent admitted that they are “anxious” if they don’t respond to a text right away.