Back to School & Bicycle Safety

Back to school time means time to give your kids a refresher on bicycle safety. Dare I say that means setting a good example yourself.

* Make sure your child wears a properly fitted helmet every time he or she rides a bike.
* Regularly do a quick inspection to ensure their bike is working properly and reflectors are in place.
* Instruct your kids how to ride on the right side of the road with traffic flow and to stay as far to the right as possible.
* Encourage them to walk their bike across busy intersections. Or better yet, choose a route without them.
* Explain why no one should ever ride on the handlebars.
* Demonstrate the rules of the road by using proper hand signals and obeying traffic signs when you ride bikes together with your child.
* Set curfews so your child is not riding their bike at dust or in the dark.
* Most importantly, supervise your children every time they ride until they have demonstrated their good judgement.

We know your probably familiar with all these good ideas, but everyone can use a reminder now and then. So take it slow, and let’s have a happy and safe school year!