Help Make Driving Safer And Pleasant

Now that we are in the Summer Travel Season you can help make driving in and around the Venice area safer and more pleasant for everyone. Simply pledge yourself to be a more courteous driver. A new Safeco Insurance survey found that more than four out of five drivers have experienced others’ aggressive driving behavior, and it impacted them negatively. Only 36 percent of those surveyed admitted to driving aggressively. Yet, 85 percent described other drivers as aggressive, and 82 percent said it’s others’ behavior on the road that makes driving a negative experience. The good news is that of those surveyed, 72 percent said that they’d be willing to make at least one change to their own behavior to make driving more pleasant for everyone. So how about we all pledge to join that 72 percent willing to change some of our own behavior and we can make driving safer and more pleasant. That is how we can all “Drive It forward”.