Much of your home’s value is what’s inside

We at the Roberts Insurance Group want you to know that protecting the important stuff inside your home begins with knowing what you have. Your homeowner policy can’t adequately address a loss if you don’t know what you have. To recognize and validate how much stuff you own, develop a careful inventory of your personal property following these tips.
1. Use a video camera to record and audibly describe items as you move through your home. If video equipment is not available, use a standard camera or phone camera.
2. Whether you use still photos or video to develop your inventory, include brand names and descriptions where possibe, especially on high-cost items.
3. Keep any and all receipts on high-dollar purchases. Keep these receipts filed together with any instruction booklets, warranties, etc. that accompany the items.
4. Store your video or photo inventory offsite or back it up with an additional drive offsite.
5. When you make new purchases, be sure to add them to your inventory.